I was born September 21, 1989. A local resident to Warwick, NY. I took a specific interest in art by doodling and experimenting through my middle and high school years. I ended up getting my Bachelors degree in computer art from SUNY Oneonta. Through all the art classes this degree required I developed a style that was the foundation for my work today. I decided that sitting behind a computer may not be the best work for me...


By not enjoying the computer work as much as I was hoping, I took my work to paper and canvas. My work started as dripping ink onto white paper. The action, the freedom it presented me was addicting, coming from classes with guidelines and criteria. Some of my work can be subjective but, I enjoy creating abstract because there are no rules, there's no one telling me I'm doing it wrong. This ever evolving style has been applied to everything from cars, shoes, walls, coffee mugs and even clothing. My work has been displayed from the Hudson Valley to Manhattan and even overseas. 


My goal is to continue to create as much as possible. I want to provide original artwork that evokes emotion from its viewer. Creating art that is not perceived the same by two people is something special. I would love to have my work displayed from coast to coast across the U.S. and beyond... Stay Abstract.